Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Lights, Camera, a Priest" airs Sept. 6 on TBN's "The Power of Love"

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: "Lights, Camera, a Priest"
TBN, Sept. 6, 2006, 8:30 am
In-studio Guest: Fr. Richard Leonard, SJ

Fr. Richard Leonard, SJ, is a TV Priest from Australia who wrote the book 'Movies That Matter.' In this week's show, he tells Fr. Mike and the audience how to look for positive and negative cultural "signposts" when watching current movies. They look at individual movies and discuss "teachable moments" that can be found in each one. They discuss plot summaries and how each shines a light on a particular Christian value.

It's a great new way to enjoy the movies.

After viewing this episode of "The Power of Love," you will learn how to appreciate movies through the lens of faith.

"THE POWER OF LOVE" is a weekly TV show hosted by Fr. Mike Manning, SVD, that is broadcast on TBN every Wednesday at 8:30 am as well as in Catholic networks in Boston, Brooklyn, Detroit, Fresno, Scranton, Yonkers, Youngstown.
The network's mission: "Embracing the transforming power of the Gospel, we communicate the Word of God to all people through the media in the spirit of the Society of the Divine Word."

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Patty M. said...

I met Fr. Mike at the SCRC Convention in Anaheim yesterday. He is such a nice man. More power to him and his ministry.

J. Montez said...

It would be intersting to see how one can learn to find Christian values in today's movies. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Looking forward to tomorrow's show.

Anne in New Orleans said...

Great show. It's nice to know you don't just have to watch Christian movies to see redeeming Christian values. Keep it up, Fr. Mike.

patphillips said...

Dear patty m. Thanks for the prayers. Hope you watch the show, too, on
Fr. Mike

patphillips said...

j. montez
There are some good movies out there...just need to watch for them. "Water" is is "Little Miss sunshine".

patphillips said...

anne in new orleans...
thanks for the comment, anne. Happy you're watching the show. Invite others also!
Fr. Mike