Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Blessed are the Rich?" airs Oct 4 on TBN's "The Power of Love"

Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2006,
8:30 am PST, TBN
This week's in-studio guest: Bob Birgen, CEO Support Group “Legatus”

How hard is it to be both successful and Christian? Does God encourage us to be successful? Many Catholic executives often times find themselves asking the same question. One such executive was Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan who now uses the billions of dollars he made from his pizza fortune for Catholic discipleship work.

To assist other CEOs in the country who happen to be Catholic like himself, he set up a support group called "Legatus." The group aims to help corporate and church executives and their families achieve a more profound spirituality and get closer to God and their Catholic faith.

In this week's episode, Fr. Mike Manning talks to Bob Birgen, CEO of the Support Group "Legatus." The exchange between them will give you a good glimpse into the lives of our executives and the challenges they face as they try to balance their corporate goals with their Christian duties.

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P Reid said...

What a great topic! But I'm missing it because it's already starting and I'm still at Starbucks netsurfing. I'm calling my wife to TIVO it so I can watch tonight.

Albert A said...

Caught your show for the first time. Rich people do struggle with their spirituality and your guest explained the challenges quite well. I pray that the Lord bless your ministry.

Retired in Riverside, CA said...

I saw Fr. Mike's plea for donations today. It's sad to see such a wonderful show not have enough financial support to keep it going. I am retired with not much to spare but I will let my friends and family know about your situation. I will be praying that you continue to stay on the air to keep on spreading news about God's love.

patphillips said...

To p reid. Hey, we should put a tV in Starbucks to show our program! Happy you have TIVO to see it! Thanks so much...
Fr. Mike

To albert a --
Rich and poor both struggle with spirituality. Happy the show touched you. Keep up the prayers for Wordnet!
Fr. Mike

patphillips said...

To retired in riverside, ca...
thanks for helping by telling all about the show and our needs. Keep up the prayers as well!...as I will for you and your family!
fr. Mike