Friday, November 17, 2006

"From Guns to God - The story"

Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2007, 8:30 am PST, TBN
This week's in-studio guest: Wally Arida, Publisher of
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The Internet is changing the way people live their lives. It is also changing the way the Catholic Church reaches its faithful. Now parishes can reach more people, with more frequency, with more ease and with messages of evangelization that carries more impact. is the most exciting communication tool for evangelization that is available for Catholic parishes today.

Starting off as a personal ministry work for his own parish, publisher Wally Arida grew the parish magazine concept from one single parish to its present stature as America's favorite Catholic lifestyle magazine. Its audience reaches parishes and Catholics from all over the world. It is a story of true evangelization in action.

In this episode, Fr. Mike and Wally Arida talk about the internet, the mission and the personal struggles that led to the development of what today is the premier online parish communication tool.

"THE POWER OF LOVE" is a weekly TV show from Wordnet Productions that is hosted by Fr. Mike Manning, SVD. It is broadcast on TBN every Wednesday at 8:30 am, on the Armed Forces Network, as well as in Catholic networks in Boston, Brooklyn, Detroit, Fresno, Scranton, Yonkers, Youngstown.

The Wordnet mission: "Embracing the transforming power of the Gospel, we communicate the Word of God to all people through the media in the spirit of the Society of the Divine Word."

(,/, America's Catholic Lifestyle Magazine. Be informed, be inspired, be blessed. )


Appie Ramos said...

HI wally,

I just read your article. Praise God!!! Your testimony is indeed inspiring. It was like looking into a mirror. It gives Hope! I also had my own journey in the dessert. And this particular verse led me out of it.

The Lord has redeemed his servant Jacob. They did not thirst when he led them through the desert. He made water flow from them from the rock. He split the rock and water gushed forth. - Isaiah 48:20-22

And I tried to put my name in there instead of Jacob. The Lord has redeemed Appie. The Lord has redeemend Appie. And I smiled. :-)

There is nothing like finding that God's words come alive. And I realized that this verse was written in past tense. Meaning, this word has already happened. And if it has happened before, because God is God, it can happen again.

Then it made me think about my thirst (like you) and all those who are thirsty. And my hardened heart and all those whose hearts have been hardened. And say the words again...

They did not thirst when he led them through the desert.

God led them through the desert. They did not thirst because God led them through. I realized then that when I am in my own desert, I thirst because I do not let God lead me through. I take matters into my own hands. But what a delightful promise it is that when God is the one who leads us through the desert WE WILL NOT THIRST. And there's more! He did the impossible.

He made water flow from them from the rock. He split the rock and water gushed forth.

How many walls can God break and let something flow? How many times did he break me and let my tears flow? Sometimes, I realized, it's in the breaking that I found what quenches. It's in the breaking where I founnd what soothed me.

And it is indeed, in the desert where I found God.

Thank you God for leading me. :) Amen.

- end of sharing -


Monica Horton said...

I caught this show last Wed. It's a refreshing conversion story. One of your best episodes yet. Fr. Mike was his usual great self. And I checked out this web site and whata treat. Lotsa great information about my faith. Looking forward to more, Fr. Mike.

William H. in Secaucus, NJ said...

Kudos on a wonderful show and well presented story.

Reeva K. frustrated in Northern California said...

My parish has been having issues with the website we have. I understand where your guest is coming from. We could surely use someone like them to help our pastor. He thinks he knows web design and has been doing things on his own but no one reads our website. It's not really useful.